Licensing and Copyright

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Q. What on your site can I use in my own game/project?

A. All of the code on this site is open source and free to use however you like in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. I just ask that you give credit to the original author. Also, I would be thrilled if you would let me know what code you've used. I'm just very curious to know what others find useful!

Q. What about the artwork and pictures?

A. My poorly drawn examples are intended only for use on this blog. I ask that you do not use it elsewhere without my permission. But, feel free to link to my blog as much as you like.

The artwork used in the game and examples is either from another free source (Creative Commons) -- for which I always give credit and thanks -- or just really really bad. Feel free to check out those resources. If I come up with any original artwork for the game, licensing will be determined by how expensive it was to create. Ha!

Q. What about the awesome-super-amazing-epic music?

A. All of the music and sounds featured on this blog are my own original work. At this time, it is all game specific and not available for license. However, if you like the music you hear, you can hear more of my work at and browse other tracks that ARE available for licensing. Unfortunately, none of it is free at this time, but reach out to me and tell me about your project and I might have something lying around!