About code and compose

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After I graduated college, I had high aspirations of double majoring in Music Composition and Computer Science. I quickly learned that such an endeavor would take me 8 years (and far too many student loans) to complete. Thus, I made the responsible and financially intelligent decision of only majoring in Music.

I've always had a logical mind. I love puzzles and solving problems. So it was only a matter of time before a poorer version of myself realized that I need to create a video game. After a bit of a javascript refresher at codecademy.com, and a little web game developer course on udacity.com, I was ready... or was I?

This blog documents my journey of learning just how hard making an online web game really is. All of my code is original and open source (or borrowed from another open source). I just ask that if you use any snippets that you attribute credit to me (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0), and I'd love to hear if any of my code is useful to you!